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June 3rd, 2013, 5:30 pm

Pokemon Character Contest

I will state all of the rules and benefits in order to submit a character to the contest below!

But first a disclaimer or two for all who are interested:

    1) Weather submitting a character via character sheet or written, I will not accept anything that is stolen art. So this means NO role-play characters (unless said rp character has original artwork done by you). These need to be original characters, weather from your own original comic or story. I guess it is fine to submit anything from a trainer creator (example) that was where Izzy's origins came from. The difference is I developed the character into my own after a while. I search the internet a lot for pictures for fun, so if I find that your image was not originally yours it will be automatically withdrawn from the comic.

    2) By submitting your character to this contest/recruit, you are allowing me, the artist and writer, to put the character in any way into the storyline. I will do my best to keep personalities, costumes, and character look to the original, but for story purposes I will have the freedom to put them however I please. You're basically leasing the character to me to draw. All credit will go to you, of course, but please don't ask me when I'm going to put your character in or things why your character isn't doing this or that. For the contest though, I will make sure to make a wonderful effort to contact you and ask for your opinion on things.

Alright good? Good!
I just felt I had to say those things before I continue onto the fun stuff!

For submitting a character remember that this story is coming from an angle of other trainers. Not your typical "Pokemon trainer" you get to play at the beginning of the game. Do feel free to submit a trainer like that, but since the main characters are from Team Rocket, they will end up be rivals if picked for anything. A non-start of the game-pokemon trainer may have a better chance of being picked for the slot on the main character board than a regular one, but hey, if the story blows me away for a pokemon trainer, you'll never know!

    1st Place: If your character is picked, your character will be a main character and travel with Ricky, Izzy, and their friend which I have planned. As an added plus, if you like drawing, I will allow you to draw a side adventure story for the comic. If you like writing, I will allow you to write a side adventure story. If you like both? Well, we'll cross that road when we come to it ;) You may just be able to do both!

    2nd Place: If your character is picked, your character will have something to do with the team. Weather a battle, showing them to their destination, or they need to rescue you. This is a guaranteed conversation role than a glorified cameo. As an added bonus, you can have the option to draw a page of the comic.

    3rd Place: If your character is picked, your character will have a "glorified cameo" spot. Weather running for their lives from a rogue pokemon and having a panel of them shouting something silly, or being pushed into the water by accident by Izzy, it'll be a bit longer than a single panel.

    For everyone else? Thank you for submitting your character! You'll have a simple cameo shot and bragging rights that your character made it into an amateur's comic.

Things that may get your character picked:
    1) I just want a good character with a cool/interesting/fleshed out backstory. So it doesn't matter about artistic ability, or story telling ability, if your character is good, it will be picked.

    2) A non-regular-pokemon trainer. I stated this above, but don't let that stop you!

    3) Um... idk, just be cool about it!

    Please either write out or give a character sheet.

    Character's name
    Character's Picture
    Pokemon on hand (I would say please no more than 3 but you do whatever :D )
    Character's personality
    Character's bio
    Interesting fact (Are you always poor? Live in a tree? children of a notorious villain? No wait... that's Izzy and Ricky)

I'll keep the contest open till Friday and I ask you to please send me a message with your submission in it here on smackjeeves. You may ask any questions in the comments here.

I do hope you join me and enjoy this strange comic Pokemon R. I shall now take a break and work on Cherry's Magical Adventure along with sketching out the next few pages of Pokemon R.

Have a good day!


, June 3rd, 2013, 7:13 pm

Let me finish my exams and I'll be sure to sign up! I've been itching to make a character from like Team Plasma or Team Aqua or any of the bad teams really! This is a good excuse to.

--Floob--, June 3rd, 2013, 7:53 pm

Are there any limitations on what Pokemon the characters can have? Like, if the story is set in, hypothetically, Kanto, would our characters need to only have Pokemon that live in Kanto, or could they have any kind?

Koren, June 4th, 2013, 5:52 am

When you say "non-regular-pokemon trainer", what do you mean by that? Do you mean some type of trainer from the game, like a Bug Catcher, Swimmer or Ace Trainer? Or do you want us to create trainers completely different from the trainers you fight in the game?

Also, how many entries can we submit?

Kid_Hendricks, June 4th, 2013, 12:47 pm

to be fair it should be 1 entry.

Kairyuu, June 4th, 2013, 1:46 pm

Could I submit a Pokemon instead of a trainer?

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